oops I did it again...

oops I did it again...
Yesterday I was so lucky to met an amazing guy, Michael Shanks aka Daniel Jackson in the Stargate TV show. He was in paris for the Paris manga/sci fi show this week end and it was a blast to see him in real and talk to him.
he's a really nice guy, always smiling and be interrested in what you're sayin and all.
I think I'm a fucking lucky bastard because last year I have met Christopher Judge and now him, as an hardcore fan of the Stargate-verse you can understand why i'm saying that i'm a Lucky guy =)

like for Christopher last year I have made a painting for him inspired by the Abidos clothe design and the RA necklace from the movie (but you can see it also in the tv show). hope you will like it =)

Le royaume de Tobin - Book Cover

this is the latest book cover that I have made for flammarion - J'ai lu
it is my first huge cover, on each side of the book
hope you like it
book by Lynn Flewelling

photosjop cs4 and Artrage

thanks for watching


I can show now one of many concept that I have done from Dontnod entertainment, hope you will like it ! : )
collaboration with Michel Koch.

Neo-Paris 2084,

Augmented reality and memory manipulation have taken control of peoples’ lives.

You can now digitize, buy, sell or trade your own personal memories. The last remainders of intimacy have been swept away, in what appears to be a simple extension of the development of social networks and geolocation at the beginning of the 21st century.
The “surveillance society” has been accepted by the citizens themselves, in exchange for a few technological benefits. It is a reality that no one even thinks of challenging anymore.

This memory-based economy gives an immense yet uncontrollable power to a handful of people…

more here : http://www.dont-nod.com/category/projects/adrift-en/

The Triumvirate

hop another update.

this is a little reworking of a previous sculpt that I have made some month ago for another little personnal project.

The Triumvirate is watching you.

Sculpt/texturemap/material rendering in sculptris

compositiong in photoshop.

maybe I will do more in the few months.

concept art mood

hi =)

this is a little painting that i have made for mood research for a film projct but i think the project is shutdown for the moment. it was really fun to do thins kind of work 'cause it's been a while since my last landscape/non characters work.

can't talk about the plot of the movie but I can say that the chinese thing everywhere in an african city is here for a purpose :)

hope you like it.


Firenze red hair

Done during my free time and my lunch break...lot of breaks.
maybe a little bit inspired by AC, but hey what can I say for my defense... :)
hope you like.


Stabat mater and studies

hey everybody

- A little preview of a project I'm Working on with a french director in the US of A for a feature film project. "STABAT MATER" ...can't say more but they're will be more and more update about it in the next wekks/month
stay tuned and hope you will like it

-and two lill' speed painting studies from photos reference, trying to improve my sens of lightning.


Sucker Punch Contest

Hey everyone
hope you're doing well.

this is my entry for the Sucker punch contest here in france.
we have to make a picture inspired by the univers of the movie so I have created a New girl and a new "bad guy" for that.
Her name's PAINKILLER, and I guess you will find out why héhé.
you can vote for my submissionon the website of the contest here


I really need your support again to helping me to reach the top of this contest.
hope you will like it.

thanks again ;)


contest "talent house" with the stan lee fondation

Hey pals
hope you're all doing well!
today I need your help

you may know that Talent House and the Stan lee fondation (with Mc Farlane) organise a big contest on creating a super hero...your own super hero in fact.
And the winner will have the honor to meet the great Stan Lee and Todd Mc farlane and to pass ONE day in the mc farlane studio... his super hero will become an action figure in a very limited serie...
as a marvel geek it was obvisous that I will try to participate to this contest.

I have post my lionnide character as "the Lionnide protector" with a little background story and I will need, if you are okay, all your support to help me on this battle =)

it's not time consuming, it will take you only 25 seconds to vote but it will help me a lot.

the link of my picture for the vote

thanks you very much in advance for your support !


Jaffa KREE !!!

This week end I have met maybe one of the kind man that I have ever met.
Christopher is that guy who, when you see him you are impressed by what emanates from him. you don't want to piss him of, I assure you that haha!
But in fact he's a really kind and smart man, very humble and always smilling and listenning with attention what you are saying to him.
I was lucky enough to see him the both days of his stay in Paris and to speak for a loooong time with him about his next projects and all.

I have to admit, I'm also a fucking stargate nerd! I'm in love for this franchise since the first film in 1994 and i have never stoped to love the stargate univers and i'm dying to work one days on it (hope the franchise will survive)
so met christopher AKA TEAL'C was priceless

I have made for him this painting, it's a prestigious jaffa armor, I have redesign some part of it to be more fonctionnal and to reflect his hight rank in the free jaffa nation...if you don't like stargate you will not understand what i'm talking about but neverminds :)
Thanks Christopher for you kindness


Zbrush polypaint and videos

little polypaint for testing the colors on Zbrush and a little posing with the transpose tool.

concept art ZBrush - polypaint test from Jamroz Gary on Vimeo.

Concept art on Zbrush4 from Jamroz Gary on Vimeo.

Zbrush 4 test

hey gang.
wanted to show you a little sketche concept. My first time ever on Zbrush4. It's an AMAZING soft, I think I will use it more often to help me in my pipeline production.
of course the soft can be a little bit frustrating because the interface is not very optimized but after a little shearch it's ok.
first sculpt concept... about 10 hours hope you like it
more to come soon.