new stuff part3

this is my first attempt to 3D sculping. I had never touched this kind of stuff before, not even in "real" sculpture. it was really fun to do it, it's like a speed modelling.
I have used sculptris, it a really fun software, and reaaaaaally easy to use.
about 5 hours for this head. can't wait to use it again =)

and some better version for two of my characters.
yes the face of the girl is based on the face of an actress but can't remember her name.

hope you like.

new stuff part2

some characters explorations
from sketche to finished version.

some new stuff part1

it's been a little while since my last updated. it's time to post some new stuff now, I have a "lot" of thing but i will need, i think, 2 or 3 post to doing it.
since some month i'm working a lot on character exploration at works and it is really fun.
this is some chara design doing after work, just for fun.
hope you like.


North battle

little tribute to balder the nordic god, half brother of thor.
hope you like it.