oops I did it again...

oops I did it again...
Yesterday I was so lucky to met an amazing guy, Michael Shanks aka Daniel Jackson in the Stargate TV show. He was in paris for the Paris manga/sci fi show this week end and it was a blast to see him in real and talk to him.
he's a really nice guy, always smiling and be interrested in what you're sayin and all.
I think I'm a fucking lucky bastard because last year I have met Christopher Judge and now him, as an hardcore fan of the Stargate-verse you can understand why i'm saying that i'm a Lucky guy =)

like for Christopher last year I have made a painting for him inspired by the Abidos clothe design and the RA necklace from the movie (but you can see it also in the tv show). hope you will like it =)

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Jonathan Lankry a dit…

WaoW !
l'artwork que tu lui as fait est clairement fantastique !!
Il a bien de la chance ! :)

(j'aime le tee shirt assassin ^^)