L490 - tribute to 30 STM

Step by Step avalaible here :

And he we go.

this is my latest painting. maybe the longest painting ever for me...48 hours of works in several days/weeks.
L490 his a song written by Shannon leto, from the album "THIS IS WAR". it's a song about comprehension, understanding and a lot of zen things.
go listen to it if you don't know yet.

the shannon's face was a pain for me, 20 hours just for the head...but it was very fun
the other part of the painting were more "easy"
so now this one is finish i have to begun a new one...and...i have an idea hehe.

hope you will like it, even you're not a 30STM fan/echelons.

2 commentaires:

stivo! a dit…


ton travail est vraiment impressionnant...
c'est...c'est fou ...
chapeau bas!!


Gary a dit…

merci beaucoup stivo =)